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Sep 15

Where did the spinktank blogs go?

By Erin Spink | Uncategorized


You may be wondering where the mostly-monthly-ish spinktank blogs have gone recently. I’m happy to share that I’ve been co-writing posts for the Points of View section of the e-Volunteerism Journal online with the amazing Rob Jackson, stepping in for the incomparable Susan J. Ellis.

Points of View is a wonderful opportunity for me to expand my blogs into a dialogue with a broader audience, and it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing these past months. I hope you agree they continue to meet the spinktank blog goal of inspiring, informing and challenging our thinking as leaders of volunteers.

Here are the last few posts we’ve published:
“Laddering” In Volunteer Management: What It Is and Why It May Be Important- July 2018
Not Everything That Is Voluntary is Volunteering
The Past Year, The Year Ahead: What Will Be Your Legacy in 2018?

I’d love to hear your feedback by commenting on each article.

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