Our Approach

We believe Volunteer Engagement, as a profession rooted in relationship building, is both an art and a science. Using research and data-driven insights, we help leaders of volunteers and organizations take volunteer involvement to new heights with quantifiable tactics and strategies. This allows you to draw a direct line between your work involving volunteers with real dividends and outcomes your organization is striving towards.

Through training, coaching and various tools, we will help you and your organization become better partners to volunteers, build a strong foundation and culture for volunteer involvement, maximizing the impact on your mission and enhancing the quality of experience you can offer every volunteer that connects with you.

Our Story

spinktank began with an invitation- when our founder completed her Master's Degree research quantifying the concept of 'volunteer engagement', invitations and requests from peers began pouring in, first locally and then growing to the international level to share these ground-breaking findings.

Through speaking engagements and conversations, spinktank has grown to now offer a range of thought-provoking articles, live and online trainings, coaching and consulting, as well as free tools to continue pushing the practice of Volunteer Engagement forward.

Erin Spink, MA Founder

For me, when done right, Volunteer Engagement is a form of Transformational Leadership. If you're a leader of volunteers, investing in your skills and knowledge will not only improve your practice, but is very likely to transform your organization and the volunteers you partner with. All this with the added benefit of having more significant, measurable impact on the mission all of you are working towards. How could you not invest in that? Please reach out to discuss how I can support you or your organization in moving Volunteer Engagement forward.

Past Clients

spintank has been fortunate to work with colleagues and organizations from around the world in the past few years, including:

  • 2017 National Summit, Plenary Panelist, Minnesota, USA
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • The National Trust, Convestival, United Kingdom
  • CCVA- Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration, textbook author (Introduction)
  • VMPC- Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada, Keynote Speaker
  • MAVA- Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administrators, conference presenter
  • PAVRO- Professional Association of Volunteer Leaders- Ontario, presenter: conference, webinar
  • TAVA- Toronto Association for Volunteer Administrators, conference presenter
  • DRAVA- Durham Association for Volunteer Administrators, conference presenter
  • YRAVA- York Region Association of Volunteer Administrators, workshop presenter
  • HAV- Hamilton Administrators of Volunteers, workshop presenter

Rachel MurphyHAV- Hamiton Administrators of Volunteers

Erin Spink is an energetic and insightful speaker. At Hamilton Administrators of Volunteers we utilized Erin in her role at spinktank to facilitate a workshop for volunteer engagement professionals. With humour and a unique sense of genuineness she set the stage for a terrific professional development experience. If you want the "Spink"erience, book now!

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